What We Are

Formed in 2001, PIPS has evolved steadily toward environmental stewardship: informed care and concern for the health of the waterway, its shoreline and watershed. PIPS seeks to foster a social climate of responsibility, and to protect everyone's rights to access and enjoy this unique resource.

Who We Are

Our core membership is shoreline residents of the Portage Inlet/Gorge waterway in Esquimalt, Saanich and View Royal.

What We Believe

Shoreline residents are the front line stewards of the waterway. They appreciate its beauty, have first-hand knowledge, and have an inherent interest in shoreline management.

Watershed management is critical to the tidal waterway. It becomes whatever flows into it.

Access to the waterway is part of Greater Victoria's special lifestyle. It should be encouraged. The more people use it, the more it will be appreciated.

Preservation of the waterway begins with education.

What We Do

Through our newsletter, The Shoreline Guardian, PIPS works to promote environmental stewardship and inform residents of ongoing developments in science, government, and issues affecting their property rights.

PIPS monitors public affairs and represents the concerns of its members to municipal councils and other agencies as required.

We co-operate with other environmental groups.

We seek consultation with government in matters affecting the waterway and the uplands.

PIPS has an ongoing research and education program, gathering information in our library.